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MaizeGDB Genome Browser Tutorial
Oct 2010: Learn the difference between the various B73 Genome Assemblys, and learn how to view them with the MaizeGDB Genome Browser. ...
How was each B73 BAC sequenced?
The Maize Genome Sequencing Consortium sequenced the B73 genome using a BAC by BAC approach. Learn how each BAC was sequenced and assembled in this short, soundless video. ...
All About B73 RefGen_v1
Wonder what a "pseudomolecule" is? Wonder how the first maize B73 pseudomolecule was assembled? Find the answers in this short, soundless video! B73 RefGen_v1 is the name of the first B73 pseudomolcule assembly from the Maize Sequencing Consortium. Find out all about it here! ...
BAC based B73 Genome Assembly Caveats
The “BAC based B73 Genome Assembly” was the first sequence assembly available for B73 in maize. This assembly version is not currently used and has been replaced by the “B73 refgen_v1″ assembly. However, one can still browse the BAC based assembly. This silent movie has animations that illustrate some of the problematic issues of the BAC based assembly. Pause the movie to read text more ca ...
MaizeGDB Genome Browser
This movie shows general features of the MaizeGDB Genome Browser. Many features of the Maize Genome Browsers are common to all G-browse based browsers. A more up to date version of this movie is in the works. ...
Find the Genetic Map Position of a Locus
This short movies demonstrates how to find the known genetic map position of a locus from the data stored at MaizeGDB. This movie does not show you haw to map an unmapped gene. Often, genes are mapped on more than one genetic map, and this movie shows you how to pick a map! ...
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MaizeGDB Genome Browser Tutorial
Oct 2010: Learn the difference ... read more
October 3rd, 2010